Having friends taken away!!!

Have you ever had your best friend taken away from you? I have, its happing to me right now! I have known my bestest ever friend since her 3rd birthday! And everything we have worked towards has been taken away by some girl that flashes her cash around and every one loves her! Comment what your story is and some q and a questions also some other blog posts xx livar in then out !! 



The good thing about braces!

i got braces a few weeks ago and coping with them fine,however every night i have to use a mini tooth brust and go inbetween the brackets aswell as brushing and in the morning i brush and use the colgate total plack mouthwash.the way they have helped me is that i now have a skincare routine thats not every other nightits EVERY night no matter what as i have to brush my teeth enyway.if you want to find out what i use in my skincare please let me know in the comments and enyother makeup/skincare you would like to hear about xx livar in then out🌛